About us



Go your own way! Because that's the only way.

AMMEHOELA is an expressive urban city brand. We design collections for the kid, who is just like his parents: relaxed and enjoys life.

Our inspiration is drawn from a multitude of sources like music, art and everything else imaginable that excite us and your little one. Gone are the days of having to choose between comfort and style. We offer a wide array of comfortable garments crafted with the utmost care to ensure the softest and most comfortable pieces emblazed with carefully selected color schemes and emblazed with the coolest hand-illustrated prints.

We design collections for baby’s and kids in the age range of 0-10 years.

Sabine & Anouk



AMMEHOELA is founded by Anouk Bindels (mom of Dexx and Zepp) and Sabine Disveld (aunt of Ben). After many years of experience in the fashion industry, they acquired a lot of knowledge and decided to make their joint dream come true: to start up there concept-driven brand.

By quitting their jobs, they had the real ‘AMMEHOELA spirit' from the start. AMMEHOELA is a Dutch word that is used by kids. Literally it means: my ass! Kids can shout out 'AMMEHOELA'! This means “I’ll do whatever I want whenever I want”.

‘Go Your Own Way’ is not only a slogan, it is our personal outlook on life. Every day is a new adventure: it's our personal goal to spread this all over the world to the new generation of AMMEHOELA kids!





Besides our mission to make your child feel the AMMEHOELA vibe, we also care deeply about all the people involved in making our garments. Therefore we keep track of the work environment, wages and health of our production partners. We are proud to say the first collection consists solely of biological cotton, which has a lower impact on the environment. We aim to get new collections GOTS certified, since sustainability is very important to our organization.


That's why our garments contain the GOTS, Global Organic Textile Standard certificate. This means that our garments contain for at least 70% organic fibers. Through the whole chain, from harvesting the raw materials, through the production, which contains social criteria rules, until the packaging the strict rules for organic cotton will be followed. This worldwide standard will make sure that environmentally friendly chemicals will be used and discourage the waste of water. Furthermore the GOTS certificate has a standard on the social criteria of the cotton industry. This contains matters like minimum wage, interdiction on child labor and a safe and a healthy work environment. 


Did your little AMMEHOELA kid grown a lot? Don't throw away the clothes! Give the garments to a friend, cousin, brother/sister or charity!